Wunderful Sounds Piano Studio

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I expect at the free introductory lesson?

  • We’ll take a few moments to get to know each other, and then introduce the student to the piano.

  • Students will play their first song or two, and I will be most happy to answer any questions which you may have regarding lessons.

  • What ages do you teach?

  • Our students range from preschool age through adult.

  • Where do the lessons take place?

  • Lessons are held at my studio on the southside of Indianapolis.

  • We are a year round studio and lessons are held weekly.

  • To help parents out, we typically follow the school district’s schedules for breaks during the school calendar year.

  • Do I need to have a piano at home?

  • Yes. An acoustic piano is best, but a good digital piano or keyboard is fine. It should be full sized and have weighted keys.

  • How often and long should practice be?

  • Helping students find a consistent time to practice is most important.


I have this quote in my studio, which typically generates a laugh, although I am certain that Dr. Suzuki held to this principle:

“You only need to practice on the days you eat.”


I tell my students to give themselves one day off each week.

  • The reality? A great practice week for them is five days! Typically, if they have practiced “smart,” five days will move them forward. I also suggest games, listening, and Apps., which they also use at home to support their learning.


Length of time:

  • An average young beginner will be practicing around 10-15 minutes. They may even practice in two 5 minutes practice sessions. We refer to this as piano playtime and not piano practice!

  • A ten year old practices around 30 minutes.

  • Advancing students spend about 45 minutes to an hour.


To avoid clock watching, I encourage students to set goals, and apply their practice tools .

  • Tell me more about Shining Stars Preschool Program

  • Shining Stars meets weekly for a half hour in our studio on the Southside of Indianapolis. Parents will need to stay in the studio during the class and are welcome and encouraged to participate with their child.

  • Students are aged from three and a half through five years of age. There is flexibility on both ends of the age limit, and we are happy to discuss the best class placement for your child. The class size limit will be 8 students.

  • The sessions are for 16 weeks. One in the fall, and again, in the spring. Please use the contact page and let me know about your interest in the Shining Stars Preschool Program for your child.

  • How long before my preschool child in Shining Stars can move into piano lessons?

  • Shining Stars is a place for young children to be immersed in music making and creating in a playful, encouraging environment. They are learning the language of music and the fundamental elements as they engage. Readiness for moving on to more formal lessons is as individual as each student! There may be a four year old who is ready, or a six year old who loves these classes so much that continuing for another year will be beneficial!

  • Children have their own individual schedules. Learning is always occurring-- even for the child who wants to sit tightly in their parent’s lap. Not every step forward is visible and children relax when we are patient. Children learn willingly when they are bathed in praise and encouragement.

  • Do you teach adults?

  • Yes, Several have taken lessons to pick up from years ago, others study to pursue a lifetime dream of playing piano.

  • Do you have recitals or other performance opportunities?

  • Yes, we have two recitals per year; one in December, and the other in May.

  • We also have scheduled piano sharing times at nearby senior center where students are welcome to play.

  • Our Piano Parlor evenings, which are available to families, take place on a given Friday night. They are optional fun filled evenings for the entire family. Based on a theme, or a famous musical piece, there are activities, ensembles, and games for all to enjoy. Students perform songs related to the theme!

  • One of the recent Piano Parlor themes was based on Camille Saint -Saen’s “Carnival of the Animals.” The favorite activity was learning simple choreography to “Aquarium,” and turning out the lights to perform with glowing lights attached to streamers.

  • How do I pay for lessons?

  • You may pay in cash, with a check, or by bank transfer.


Meet Peggy:

  • Peggy Wunderle is the owner and teacher at Wunderful Sounds Piano Studio.

  • As a piano instructor, a frequently heard sentiment is, “ I really wish that I had not quit lessons as a child; I would love to be able to play the piano today!”

  • The average number of years students remain in Peggy’s studio is 6-8 years—some even longer! Her warm and creative approach captures the interest of her students who develop and grow as pianists that enjoy playing and sharing their music with others.

  • Her students have grown and developed playing skills which have led to opportunities to play with their school ensembles, church worship groups, special community events, participate in competitions, and several have chosen a music degree in college.

  • In high school, at the request of her teacher in Chicago, Peggy began taking on young students at his studio. Since completing her degree, her teaching journey has allowed her the privilege of successfully working with hundreds of students of all ages!

  • She earned her Piano Performance and Music Education Degree from Trinity International University, north of Chicago. It is interesting to trace the musical lineage back from her teacher, Jan Walter. She was a student of William J. Browning, who studied piano with Carl Friedberg— who was a pupil of Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann!

  • In addition to private teaching, she is a licensed music specialist having taught preschool through eighth grade music in public and private settings with a choral emphasis.

  • She has enjoyed performing collaboratively with soloists, ensembles, and as a choir accompanist in the Chicago area, and later, in South Central Indiana. Her most memorable performances were with her own children, in her family’s piano trio.

  • Seeking the best for her students, she has consistently invested in further study and training in areas of music education such as Orff Schulwerk, Suzuki, Kodaly, piano pedagogy, and children’s choral work. Peggy passionately  pursues creative ways to engage her students and help with their understanding and development as musicians.

  • While Peggy enjoys teaching all ages, one of her particular strengths is working with young children. She has taught multiple preschool music classes, and has served as a liaison in parent- teacher education in a local school district at the preschool level.

  • When not teaching or playing piano, Peggy enjoys reading, painting and drawing, long walks on beautiful days, and cherished time with family and friends. She is particularly drawn to any dog that is a poodle mix, having had two Cockapoos for a total of 20 years!

My daughter was recently able to obtain a music scholarship by playing piano in a scholarship audition at the university she will attend in the fall. Her success and dedication to her study of music is directly connected to her wonderful teacher and mentor, Peggy Wunderle.
— Studio parent
My daughter has studied piano under the direction of Peggy for 11 years. Peggy has consistently encouraged my daughter to excel in her music studies and has effectively taught her to experience the love and joy of music.
— Studio parent