Wunderful Sounds Piano Studio

Students at Wunderful Sounds Piano are immersed in a program where every lesson includes an element of creativity.

They will explore guided improvisation or composing, and enjoy games and activities that support their learning.  Of course, they will receive ongoing support and coaching towards the development of their beautiful playing.

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My son has enjoyed piano lessons with Peggy Wunderle for three years. She has encouraged him and inspired an interest in learning the piano from his very first lesson. I have been impressed with her patient and fun teaching style.
— Studio parent

Often, parents are concerned that their child may hate practicing and that a stage may be set in their lives for a potential battleground; possibly recalling their own piano lesson experiences.

A large number of adults share with me that they regret quitting piano lessons as kids. Of course parents don’t want their child to get discouraged and struggle with practice.

Since music is life-giving, it is critical that every step in the process of learning to play should be as engaging, enjoyable, and rewarding as the end goal of beautiful playing. 

We have seen that giving students a clear template of how to practice smarter may actually shave down their practice minutes as they meet their goals.


Children thrive on the independence which is encouraged from the earliest days of their lessons.

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Working with Peggy has been so wonderful and special for my kids. She truly has a way of integrating fun and learning and she is successfully creative in her adaptation of approach to different children and their various learning needs.
— Studio parent

In addition to the important decision of selecting a great piano teacher, there may be concerns regarding possible added on responsibilities for parents.

We work to make your commitment to lessons as convenient as possible.

Our clear, proactive communication keeps you informed as well as on top of your child’s experience at lessons. Our parents feel supported and an important part of the three- sided team of student, parent, and teacher.

To help parents out, we typically follow the school district’s schedule for breaks during the school calendar year.

Lessons are held at my studio on the southside of Indianapolis.

We are a year round studio and lessons are held weekly.

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