Wunderful Sounds Piano Studio


Shining Stars Preschool Piano Program


Preschool children excitedly arrive at class looking forward to a full and busy time making music together.  They move, step, clap, or pat the beat, while singing songs that they love.

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Playing rhythm instruments and creating at the piano brings them the opportunity to play with their friends in an ensemble.

Preschoolers are given a fantastic foundation in music which can be the difference between students who simply “try out” piano lessons and those who become lifelong music creators and lovers of music.


Preschool children love to sing, play, and move! Important basic music skills are taking root while they are having fun.


A few of these skills are singing with their head voice, learning to match pitch, and feeling the beat down to their core!


They are given the rare opportunity to be creative partners in class. Even a shy child who may sit on the side and simply take it all in for a few weeks, is absorbing, and soon will want to jump in and be a part of the process. There is an individual pace and place for each child in Shining Stars Classes.



Young beginners are very focused when they are creating songs through improvisation about their favorite things in life.

Playing a song on the black keys about twinkling stars, or galloping horses is a favorite with this age! It is so wonderful to see how prepared and excited children are to move up to piano lessons after being a part of our Shining Stars Preschool Program. 

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My daughter started taking piano lessons at age 4 and has taken for about 2 years now. Peggy is wonderful! She is patient, creative and so encouraging of Zoey as she grows and learns.
— Studio parent
Peggy is very nurturing and patient with Mia. I feel like I am entrusting her to a dear friend.
— Studio parent
Peggy Wunderle has taught three of our children to play piano and most recently started training our 4 year old granddaughter. We value the 13 year business relationship and we are excited that she has started teaching the second generation of our family!
— Studio grandparent